MAITRI Mental Health Services

MAITRI’s objective and approach

MAITRI seeks to meet the mental health needs of people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds by adopting cultural factors in the management of the condition.

We will provide professional mental health assessment, treatment and management; culturally and linguistically appropriate counseling; psycho-education and psychosocial intervention.

Our service will be provided by mental health professionals including psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists and nurses in the client’s preferred language, or with the assistance of interpreters.


What can the client expect from MAITRI?
  • To be treated with respect;
  • To receive competent, professional, and ethical service that is culturally  and linguistically appropriate;
  • To discuss options available and their duration;
  • To receive a clear explanation of the service you are offered;
  • Discussion and review of treatment goals, at any time.


Who can be referred to MAITRI?

Adults, children and adolescents, the elderly and families from CaLD backgrounds.


Who can refer and how?

General Practitioners, mental health service providers, non-government service providers, other government services and by self-referral.

A referral from a General Practitioner would be preferred.


Services offered by MAITRI
* Access to mental health clinicians from client’s cultural and linguistic background
Upon referral and first assessment by core staff at MAITRI, the client will be referred to a clinician of the same cultural and linguistic background (possibly from the private sector) for a limited number of sessions. A shared care approach will be initiated between the clinician and the case manager at MAITRI. The client will be assisted in accessing a range of services to ensure a holistic approach to treatment.
* Individual or group therapy for adults
Clients will receive individual therapy in the first instance. Ethno-specific or group therapy may be offered with the assistance of an interpreter, where appropriate. Group therapy may also be conducted in English for a group of clients from a range of cultural backgrounds, if appropriate.
* Relationship/Family Counseling
Family relationship advisors from the Perth Family Relationship Centre will provide information, referral and advice to families experiencing relationship difficulties and assistance for separated families to work through their parenting issues without court involvement.The family relationship advisors will provide a service for individuals and families seeking assistance for relationship issues and milestones, such as becoming a parent.  For other life changes such as families experiencing separation, the Centre provides up to six hours of free Family Dispute Resolution as an alternative to the Family Court.
* Children and Adolescents
MAITRI will accept referrals for children and adolescents from refugee and migrant backgrounds presenting with mental health problems. Non-directive play therapy is also offered to young children, where appropriate.MAITRI will work in partnership with appropriate government Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, Schools and the Department of Child Protection, where necessary, to ensure the best culturally appropriate outcome for the client.


Training and Information
* Psycho education Seminars
MAITRI will convene regular mental health seminars on a range of mental health issues to facilitate a better understanding of mental health and its impact on daily life.  The seminars will be convened for:

  • Consumers and/or clients from culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) backgrounds;
  • CaLD Carers for people with a mental illness;
  • CaLD parents who are experiencing intergenerational issues as a result of resettlement
* Cultural Diversity in mental health training for service providers
This training will be delivered by CaLD clinicians and workers with wide expertise in the CaLD mental health area for service providers in both government and non-government sectors with clients from a CaLD background with a mental health problem.
The training will explore how to better engage with CaLD clients; how to identify the cultural issues that are likely to emerge in clinical consultation and how these might impact on assessment, treatment and management.
Participants will come away with enhanced skills and increased confidence and competency to work cross-culturally in a mental health setting.
Training will be customised to suit the needs of the service provider.

Appointments may be made by contacting our offices at 20 View Street, North Perth on 9328 2699 between 8:30 am and 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday.  Clients will normally be offered the next available appointment in the diary.  Further appointments will be arranged as required.  Evening and home appointments are possible by arrangement.


Click here to download the Referral form MS Word document

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Commonwealth Health Care Card holders will be charged $10.00 per session.  Others will be charged on a sliding scale based on their income.  Fees can be waived or reduced in exceptional circumstances i.e. services will be provided at a discounted rate and cost-free if experiencing financial hardship.