2012-2013 Disability Access and Inclusion Plan Service Provider Report

Reporting sheet of accessible activities provided by service provider to contracting State Government agency.


This reporting sheet assists service providers to record access activities in the desired outcome areas of their contracting State Government agency’s Disability Access and Inclusion Plan. If services are provided for a range of State Government agencies, this same reporting sheet can be provided to them all.

Once a year you should forward this reporting sheet to the contracting State Government agency indicating which outcomes have been progressed with a brief summary of activities undertaken. This sheet also serves as a quick reference for all service provider’s staff about how to provide a more accessible service.

Name of Service Provider: Multicultural Services Centre of WA

Activities by service providers broadly consistent with DAIP outcome areas include:

DAIP Outcome



1.  People with disabilities have the same opportunities as other people to access services andevents. As advised in earlier reports all MSCWA services provided from MSCWA offices have full disability access in terms of toilets, parking etc. All events that we held in other than MSC offices during 2012-2013 were held in venues which had full disability access. Our events are advertised via the Ethnic Disability Advocacy Centre (EDAC) and ECCWA and hence ethnic people with disabilities are made aware of our services and events the same time as others are.
2.  People with disabilities have the same opportunities as other people to access buildings and other facilities. As above. Additionally, we have purchased a property in Mirrabooka, includes disability access via a lift and disabled toilets.
3.  People with disabilities receive information in a format that will enable them to access information as readily as other people are able to access it. We have not been able to provide information in suitable formats for the vision impaired. But for people with other disabilities our website provides them access to information on all our programs and also has a facility where they can request additional information without having to visit our offices.
4.  People with disabilities receive the same level and quality of service from staff as other people receive. Our policy and procedures manual makes this amply clear to our staff, volunteers and board of management. Our induction program also covers this. In 2011-12 we became the first multicultural services provider in WA to be approved to provide disability accommodation support services. Furthermore, representatives of EDAC are on two of our program committees and their feedback is acted upon.
5.  People with disabilities have the same opportunities as other people to make complaints. Yes they do. They are given the same information about our complaints procedures as other clients
6.  People with disabilities have the same opportunities as other people to participate in any public consultation. Yes they have and as mentioned in our response to 1 and 2 above we have made provisions for the same.