Our organisation has about 60 staff and about 40 volunteers located in seven different offices three in North Perth, and one each in Morley, Cannington, Mirrabooka and Bunbury. We service about 5000 client each year through the many programs and services we offer in the areas of employment and training, mental health, settlement services, crisis and supported accommodation and housing advocacy services, emergency relief, home and community care services etc.

The nature of our environmental impact is obviously not large given the population of Australia but we believe all Australians and organisations which service them have an obligation to do all they can to influence environmental better practice and to demonstrate to the community their social responsibility in this regard.

This Environmental Policy Statement seeks to achieve that objective by committing MSCWA to continually improve its business performance and conduct its operations in an environmentally responsible manner, clearly reflecting a commitment to fostering the sustainable use of the Earth’s resources. Towards this end MSCWA will

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations,
  • Minimise negative impacts it may have on the environment, through efficient use of resources, and reduction in emissions and waste,
  • Incorporate environmental better practice into all technological solutions, and the fit-out and operation of accommodation,
  • Work closely with its clients, suppliers, local communities, and other interested parties to continually improve processes in environmental better practice, and
  • Foster the initiation and ownership of environmental activities by all staff, thereby inculcating a strong environmentally aware business culture.

The Multicultural Services Centre acknowledges that in developing the above it has made substantial use of Centrelink’s Environmental Policy Statement and it wishes to thank Centrelink’s for the same.