MSC was contracted by DIAC to provide HSS Accommodation Services in the Northern Perth and Western Australian Region for a maximum period of seven years commencing April 2011.   Whilst the traditional suburbs of Koondoola, Girrawheen and Balga were the main areas where accommodation was provided under the IHSS program there has been a deliberate shift in policy to move further North under the HSS program.   Based on PVS Case Manager’s needs assessment, MSC sources suitable long term (6 months) private rental accommodation or Sets up suitable Short term accommodation (STA) in one of its houses, if Long Term Accommodation (LTA) is not available on arrival   The Houses/apartments/villas have to meet DIAC specifications and range from 1 to 5-6 bed rooms. Some of these houses are used to provide shared accommodation for single men and women.

HSS Services provided by MSC

MSC services provided under HSS include:

  • Provision of STA or LTA on arrival
  • Assistance in applying for LTA for clients in STA
  • Transfer from STA to LTA
  • Supply of BHG through sub contractor, Society of St Vincent de Paul
  • Assistance in securing Centrelink Rent Assistance
  • Assistance in registering with Department of Housing for rental housing and bond
  • Assistance in lease signup
  • Assistance in completing Property Condition Report
  • Applying for new utilities [i.e. electricity and gas] accounts with service providers
  • Assistance in putting system in place for regular rent payment by tenant as required by real estate agency / landlord
  • Liaison between real estate agency / landlord in tenancy related matters – property maintenance/rent arrears – during initial fixed term tenancy of 6 months


How MSC works to deliver its services
  • Liaise with real estate agencies who are confident to recommend our clients to owners
  • Communication with DIAC & PVS
  • Bi-lingual workers who have been working with us in the program since inception of the IHSS in 2005
  • Responsive to clients needs
  • Experienced staff operating the program
  • Experienced trades people to respond to urgent maintenance issues
  • High quality of our properties for STA & LTA
  • Support of other MSCWA staff. MSCWA delivers a broad spectrum of community services


Contact Details

Devlin Bose Program Coordinator

20 View Street, North Perth, WA 6006

Phone: 9328 2699

Fax: 9227 7638