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Opening times

Monday to Thursday                     9.00am to 5.00pm

Friday and after hours                   By appointment



 The Multicultural Legal Centre aims to provide culturally and linguistically diverse communities (CaLD) equal access to the justice system.

The Centre’s main objective is to provide legal advice and representation in areas such as:

  • Personal injury
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Criminal injuries compensation
  • Employment law
  • Wills, probate and power of attorney
  • Violence/Misconduct restraining orders
  • Superannuation Claims
  • Insurance Contract claims

 Our Legal Team

Mr Leo Gatica-Lara, Solicitor, has extensive experience in supporting the multicultural community. With a background in social work and a lawyer for 15 years, Leo has particular expertise in the area of personal injury.

Mr Paulose Doss, was admitted to the Supreme Court of Western Australia as a legal practitioner in 2016. Paulose will be under the supervision of Mr Gatica-Lara.

In addition to the MLC team, the Centre has access to private lawyers working on a pro bono (free) basis.



Language should not be an impediment to equal access to the justice system.

Mr Leo Gatica-Lara speaks Spanish and Italian while Mr Paulose Doss speaks Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu and Kannada.

Professional interpreting services will be used to cover other languages.

The initial 30-minute consultation and legal advice is free of charge. If representation in a court or tribunal is required, the aim of the Centre is to make this service accessible and affordable by keeping legal costs as low as possible.


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