MSCWA’s Media Services undertakes a range of audiovisual, audio, visual, print media and performing arts projects, such as the production of video programs, documentaries, photos, etc, to positively contribute to the multicultural fabric of Australia’s, and particularly Western Australia’s, unique tapestry.

The Media Services program is an integral part of the MSCWA.  It primarily provides media services for MSC’s own requirements, and contributes to and facilitates other NGO’s and Government Departments providing media services and expertise in the area of multicultural communication.


Media Services involves itself in:
  • Identifying Projects relevant to the aims of MSCWA,
  • Producing identified projects.
  • Supporting NGO productions either through direct involvement or through consultation in proposed media projects.
  • Contributing to Community based media projects either directly or through consultation.
  • Raising funds for identified projects.
  • Sourcing Government productions, and grants.
  • Conducting media Workshops and training.
  • Hiring production facilities to other productions.
  • Distributing media material produced by Media Services.
  • Contributing and participates in projects that meet the aims and objectives of MSCWA.


Aims, Objectives and Functions:

The aims and objectives of the MSD are:

  • To primarily service the communication and media needs of MSCWA.
  • Media services and media expertise as detailed above for the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) groups as directed by MSCWA with flow on effects to “mainstream” media.
  • To undertake research and community education activities as directed by MSCWA.
  • To provide media support and consultancy to CaLD communities as directed by MSCWA.
  • To create audio visual media programs that while contributing to social development will assist community service workers in the areas of health, settlement and integration, employment, and education for the benefit of CaLD communities, other NGO’s, Government Departments and others with multicultural communication needs and objectives.
  • To promote and make available its library of produced material to the community at large.
  • To participate and record cultural and historical CaLD events, projects, and programs of distinction for community utilization, documentation and preservation.
  • To produce documentaries and other TV or radio programs on topics of multicultural interest.

If you have a project or an idea you think is of importance and fits in with MSCWA objectives for its Media Services arm contact Brian Balen, details below, to discuss your idea.

Brian Balen
Director – Media Services
Multicultural Services Centre of Western Australia
20, View St, NORTH PERTH, WA 6006
Tel: +618 9328 2699, Mobile: +61 403 364 480
Fax: +618 9227 7638