Volunteers play an important role in ensuring MSCWA clients receive an excellent service. Besides the satisfaction you will receive in being part of the MSCWA team in achieving this objective; as a volunteer you will:

  • Acquire new skills and knowledge
  • Meet people of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds
  • Gain worthwhile life and work experience.

As a volunteer you are not paid a wage for the services you provide, but an honorarium is available for certain roles and out of pocket expenses are payable for others.

 Your voluntary efforts will make a difference to the lives of those who are disadvantaged or are not able to help themselves for various reasons.

You don’t need any experience to become a Volunteer at MSCWA and we provide you an initial orientation and ongoing support and supervision to undertake the tasks that you are assigned.

Volunteering activities vary and may include:

  • providing transport to clients.
  • Assisting with Recreational activities and tutoring for children.
  • Providing mentoring support.
  • Providing Entertainment to elderly clients- e.g. music, dance etc.
  • Assisting with Outings in the community.
  • Assisting clients with sourcing accommodation.
  • Undertaking client satisfaction surveys and other administrative work.
If you wish to volunteer please email a brief resume to admin@mscwa.com.au.

For some volunteering work, you will need a current working with Children and police clearance. If you don’t have them MSCWA may be able to pay for them.